About Businessclass Asia

How Service should be!

Business Class Asia embraces a highly personalised approach, delivering a wide range of essential and highly-desired services to expatriate communities across Asia.

We pride ourselves in being able to cater to all levels of businesses and private individuals, both resident and non-resident, and in each case deliver the same caliber of VIP treatment to our customers.

How Service Should be!

Our main objective is to serve all our clients in a professional and reliable manner, always striving to create and deliver!

Our overriding philosophy is simple – Our success depends on your satisfaction! One of our keys to achieving this rests with our ability to offer tailor made solutions and expert advice on critical matters relating to business administration, marketing, luxury transportation, company formation and legal services, IT solutions and effective communications, and the day-to-day lifestyle matters that mean the most to today’s expatriate living in the Land of Smiles.

A complete One-Stop-Shop for all expatriate requirements

When travelling to or working in Asia, we’d like to be your preferred business partner - Serving you first! Our Mission Statement: "How Service Should Be …" to both corporate and private individuals, residents or non-residents, visiting or passing through – All VIPs in our eyes!