Healthcare for Expatriates

How Healthcare Services Should Be!
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  • Individual Cover
  • Family Cover
  • Corporate Benefits/Group Schemes

Solid healthcare schemes

BCA specialise in setting up and reviewing company healthcare schemes. We work independently with insurance companies to ensure that our clients get the most appropriate and cost-effective cover.

BCA’s relationship with the healthcare providers means that in many instances we can neogitiate substantial discounts on behalf of our clients.

An absolute must for expatriates moving to Asia is the security provided by a solid healthcare scheme. Newcomers to Asia may well be used to government-supported programmes in their home countries but these are not freely available in Asia. Veteran expatriates also need to regularly review their cover as new providers enter the arena with market leading products and cover limits which make older products uncompetitive. Asia houses some of the world’s top hospitals and the prices can be reflective of this. Suitable healthcare protection is therefore a must for everyone living in Asia.

Expatriates often work in areas of considerable risk and where the cost of quality health care is at a premium.

We have established close partnerships and our affiliates are able to consider all the major healthcare and international private medical insurance providers throughout Asia, which allows them to bring comprehensive, affordable and flexible healthcare solutions to you, your family and business.

A large part of the support we provide for companies is in advising and administering Group Healthcare Schemes. These can be introduced to companies with as few as 3 employees and offer substantial discounts to members.

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