How Financial Services Should Be!
  • International Retirement Planning
  • Pension Consolidation
  • Regular & Lump Sum Investments
  • Estate Planning and Trusts
  • Education Planning
  • Family & Business Protection


Working offshore offers many tax efficient and diverse ways to boost your financial planning. Different tax regimes and unfamiliar regulations may seem intimidating, however with specialist advice and experience expatriates can make the most out of the opportunities available when working abroad.

Many expats already have tax-efficient measures in place but are, perhaps, looking for something out of the ordinary to invest in. For these people, BCA offer a range of alternative investment products, many of which are unique to the Business Class Group.

This can be in areas as diverse as tax planning, investments, pensions, QROPs or estate planning. In many instances clients have specific goals in mind such as school or university fees for their children, buying a place in the sun, a second home, or early retirement. Other people can find that now they live overseas, existing provisions, plans and policies are no longer relevant or are out of date.

Business Class Group also caters for the growing number of expatriates who are looking for something different to invest in from traditional stocks, shares and funds. The Business Class Group have access to a wide range of alternative products across non-correlated assets and which come with property, land, ethical and environmental themes.

BCA believe that advice should only be given by experienced and qualified professional advisors. All Business Class Group affiliate advisors are qualified and experienced in multiple jurisdictions, making them ideally placed to offer expert and professional guidance.

Business Class Group works with locally licensed insurance brokers in Thailand and Hong Kong. We all know that identifying the most appropriate insurance amount and type of cover for each individual and family is a must in today's world, since living abroad brings additional risks and challenges to consider.

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